Large Chicken House

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Large Chicken house

Suitable for 12-15 Hens depending on breed and personal preference.

The house includes 1 triple nest box and 2 perches as standard.

The removable perches run from front to back and is 1.08m long.

Main floor internal dimensions  100 x 108cm excluding nest box.

Overall dimensions   118 x 135 x 67cm high

44 kg


Bespoke options available - please email for a quote.


Shipped assembled on a pallet ready to use.

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  • 5
    Large chicken house

    Posted by Mrs Jones on 6th Oct 2021

    Absolutely brilliant. I like many other reviewers came here due to mite infestation of my old wooden coop. I will never go back. This coop is so cleverly designed-the nest box floor is removable for cleaning, the whole back comes off, the roof lifts off, and if you want to deep-clean you can disassemble those parts, scrub it all, dry it (or leave it to dry if it's a warm day), and have it put back together easily and quickly. It's got great ventilation, the hens liked it from the start, and it looks really cool and old fashioned, like an Andersen shelter. I'm hoping to get some pigs and ducks and they will have Arkus shelters too, so convinced am I of their quality. Also, great customer service, and quick delivery. I'm a very happy customer. Thank you

  • 4
    Well designed and arrived on time as promised ready assembled.It houses 5 bantam hens and a cockerel at present and they were reluctant to go in at night for the first three nights but soon settled.

    Posted by David Williams on 27th Sep 2021

    Should I get the dreaded red mite it will be very easily dismantled and given a good pressure wash.

  • 5
    Excellent chicken coop.

    Posted by Jacqueline HUFTON on 31st Aug 2021

    My chickens absolutely love this chicken coop. Would recommend

  • 5
    Best hen house ever

    Posted by Mrs Jones on 25th Aug 2021

    Wow-what an amazing product! I cannot rate it highly enough. I had converted an old shed into a hen house, and it became very badly infested with red mite. Despite using many products on the house and the hens I could not get rid of them. Some mornings a few of my hens had pale combs and were very weak. I searched for ages, and was looking at heat treated wood, but plastic hen houses kept being recommended, and Arkus popped up. I knew straight away this was going to be just the right one for me. I have 12 medium size hens, so the large house was perfect for my flock. The price was really good, so good in fact that I was able to get myself an automatic door opener, and longer legs on the stand, all within my budget. One of the other reviewers had suggested asking for the 50cm legs, and I'm glad I did the same, as the hens have extra space now, and more shelter. Arkus dealt very patiently with my requests for delivery, and I received my hen house really quickly. When the hen house arrived, fully assembled, with the stand in its four pieces on top, I was so pleased. The colour is really lovely-it looks old-fashioned, like an Anderson shelter, a trendy colour these days, and goes so well in my garden. At a glance it does look like a metal shelter, retro and cool. The plastic is thick and robust, yet two of my sons were easily able to carry and assemble it, and I will be able to move it around the run if I need to. Being able to walk all the way around the house is a feature I really like. My cats will be able to mouse more effectively, and I know there is nowhere for things to hide, unlike my old shed which squatted against the wall, immovable and uncleanable. The design is so attractive, and so clever-everything slots together in such a simple and well-thought out way. The bolts and latches even look cool, and are very easy to fasten and unfasten. The whole back section is easily removable by one person, enabling very easy, quick and thorough cleaning, which has given me peace of mind regarding the mites. I know they can live just as easily on plastic as they can on wood, but in my opinion the key difference is that the whole shelter can be disassembled once a week, fully scrubbed with Poultry Shield or even just water, and you know it is clean and bug-free. And it dries virtually instantly, And I can do all this by myself. I could never clean my wooden shed thoroughly. There were always places for bugs to hide. I really like the fact that the perches are free-standing, because I can take them out and scrub them daily., so mites can't hide there. The roof of the nest boxes is very easy access, and the boxes themselves are amply-sized but cosy, and partially secluded and dark, which is lovely for the hens. I really like the double ventilation panels. The free-standing perches are just the right width and shape and my hens had no hesitation on the first night. They went straight in as though they had always done so, and went straight up into the house, and onto the perches. The automatic door is a great feature. How did I live without it? The whole design and construction, and materials used are so good that I am sure this chicken house will last my lifetime and beyond. We are moving to a smallholding where I will be getting guard dogs, pigs, and more chickens, and I will be putting all my animals in Arkus shelters. No more bug-ridden wooden sheds for me. In my opinion plastic is best, and from looking at many different plastic houses online, Arkus are hands down the best on the market-price, design, aesthetics, materials, ease of use, customer service, the lot. I feel very lucky to have happened upon their website. I didn't get anything for doing this review by the way! I just want other people to know how good this hen house has been for me. Best decision I've made for my flock.

  • 5
    Large chicken house and stand

    Posted by Jo Francolini on 11th Aug 2021

    So thrilled had legs extended to 50 cm which makes a good shelter little disappointed with late delivery but that’s not their fault

  • 5
    Large Chicken House

    Posted by Mrs E Slee on 5th Aug 2021

    Really easy to use. A mite-free experience opening up and closing down at night. Chickens love it too.

  • 5
    Arkus Large Coop

    Posted by Charles Morgan on 30th Jul 2021

    Excellent product which thankfully arrived already assembled. When I burnt the old wooden one you can see all the mites and dust that get into the timber houses. Will never go back to that. The Arkus has loads of room and easy to clean. Birds took to it straight away with the assistance of meal worms. Definitely go for the higher 50cm stand. It creates a dry, shaded shelter for the hens and limits any refuge for vermin underneath the coop. Well worth it and very quick delivery too. Thank you !

  • 5
    Large Chicken House

    Posted by Antonia Frankland on 29th Jul 2021

    Love that it is delivered fully assembled. The delivery driver was lovely too! Easy to clean and great value for money compared to other plastic chicken houses on the market.

  • 5
    Honestly the most amazing Chicken House - I love it!

    Posted by Roslyn Mayne-Caudwell on 28th Apr 2021

    I bought this chicken house with a Chicken Guard auto opener, having had dreadful trouble with redmite for years in a very expensive large walk in wooden coop. This one arrived ready built and it's just great! So easy to clean, especially since I have it on the stand, the whole back wall pivots down and you can just sweep the bedding straight out into a bag or bucket. The nest boxes are roomy and easily accessed, and it's pretty good at regulating temperature too. It's also huge! I have 12 chickens in there, from very large brahmas to little pekins, and there is plenty of room left still. The only note I would make it=s that the little pekins don't seem to find the perches comfortable for their little feet. With the stand it's tall enough to provide some shelter in the rain (I've put a dust bath underneath too). All in all a great product at a great price!