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Assembly information

On this page we have some information regarding assembly.

Run Assembly.

1,  Unroll the wire and lay flat.

2,  Find the centre of the wire by counting the squares or using a tape measure.

3,  Attach the centre of the wire to the top of the plastic run end.

4,  Form the run shape around the plastic end panel attaching fixings as you go.

5,  Excess wire is folded outwards to form the fox skirt.

6, Offer up the run to the house- centre top first, siting everything on level ground.

7,  Select a run square which lines up with the coop handle and push the handle through the wire.  

9,  Attach the run to the coop with fixings as before.

10,  Position the house and run where you want it and then stake the fox skirt to the ground with the pegs provided. 



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