5 Frame Nucleus Nuc Hive

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The Arkus Hive has been developed over 5 years at the request of a local commercial bee keeper.

It started as a 6 frame Smith hive with an offset circle entrance of a simple construction.

The hive has been developed through 3 iterations improving performance each time.

The design request was for something that was strong , have longevity of use, easily cleaned and flat-packable for easy storage.



Can be flat packed to save space or transport.

Uses standard 5 no. bs dn4 frames with space for a dummy board - or 5 dn1 on castellated spacers ( not included )

The material does not allow wax moth to penetrate it.

The hive can be bleached if needed with no harm too it. 

The black edges deter bees so reduces the amount harmed when inspecting the hive.

The hive can use different coloured rooves to deter drift when many are used in close proximity ( or can be painted )

The hive positively stacks together.

The roof is ready for a feeder for improved winter survival and reduced losses.

Includes a combination mouse excluder / landing board with 3 opening sizes.

As a extra feature the hive is made from 80% recycled material (And is fully recycle-able) with no drop in performance.